National Elf Service

Gather your family or friends and go on a holly jolly journey that will have you laughing all the way! National Elf Service is a puzzle game for anyone who feels low low low on the 'ho ho ho'.

A Christmas like no other. Festive spirit is at an all time low. The toy factory has ground to a halt, the sleigh’s gathering dust in the garage, and everyone’s looking glum. Can you help Holly and the other elves save the day?

Escape reality to a winter wonderland which needs your puzzle-solving, code-cracking skills. Join the Elite Elf Force -Merry, Berry and Sherry- on a mission to make this the most wonderful time of the year.

National Elf Service is a cross between a puzzle game, an online escape room, and an interactive audio book. Whether your team is in the same room or playing together online, there’s room on the sleigh for everyone (teams of up to 6, suitable for age 8+ playing with adults).



"Refreshingly different (and beautifully assembled)

National Elf Service is not our first foray into the digital escape games that are audio-led, but it is one of the ones we enjoyed the most, and often had me in stitches, as we listened to the story unfold... the story is wonderfully written, and the audio performances are top notch.

National Elf Service is an interactive Christmas audio adventure, perfect for a holiday celebration unlike any in recent memory... I really can't think of a better way to get into the holiday spirit, and save Christmas."

Review the Room

"Fast Familiar have really hit the nail on the head delivering a cohesive, funny and charming story that is accentuated by its puzzles... I was enthralled and amused the whole time.

There is a lot of wonderful and slick art work that accompanies NES and really aides the immersion, taking you to far-off places and secret websites!

Puzzles were all excellent in their logic, with wonderful 'ah-ha' moments that made them a joy to solve… word, math, logic, observation, codebreaking. There was something to whet everyone's appetite in NES.

A wonderful family-friendly game that has emotion, heart and bags full of festive fun. I can’t say much more than that, it is a truely top-notch game!"

Brit of an escape habit

"An absolute stand out game in the whole play at home genre!

It’s the kind of game you’d want to cosy up with your family on the sofa and a large mug of hot chocolate... the narrative skill and story in this game is easily as rich as the hot chocolate I made.

...this is the perfect game for playing round the table with kids, grandparents, and everyone in-between. I’ve no doubt this’ll be a huge hit on Christmas Day and well, if you’re reading this and wondering if you should bring an escape game to Christmas dinner next week – look no further!”

The Escape Room-er

“This interactive story puzzle game is engaging, cheerful, and it's got a lot of heart - it's the very representation of Christmas spirit…

The plot was surprisingly captivating, holding my attention throughout… great voice acting coupled with the uniquely styled, lively colored artworks bring the story to life… in one of the most well designed game interfaces I've seen in recent online game history.

I unequivocally recommend this!”

Escape Matt-ster


what is National Elf Service?

It’s an interactive story puzzle game - so a bit like an online escape room but with a story, and obviously you’re not locked in a room (hopefully). You’ll help the characters save Christmas by completing a series of puzzles that they encounter on their festive mission.

how long does National Elf Service normally take?

It depends on how quickly you solve the puzzles, but it normally takes people between 60 and 90 minutes.

how can I play it?

You can either:

– Play with people in the same physical space as you, with all of you around the same computer.

– Play remotely with friends/family who are in different places – you’ll all need to be playing at the same time, and you can communicate via the chat box in the game, or you can have a Zoom running (other video call providers also available).

what do I need to play National Elf Service?

– A computer or tablet device and internet access.
You will need to use one of these web browsers: Chrome, or Firefox. National Elf Service does not work on Safari or Edge. You can download Chrome for free here: Download Chrome

– Someone in your team will need a phone that scans QR codes.

how will I solve the puzzles?

A winning combination of intelligence and teamwork! You’ll access all the files and links you need via the game’s dashboard as you progress through the story. You will need to solve puzzles to move on to the next phase of the story.

how many people can play at once?

Your link will work for up to 6 devices – we recommend teams of 3-6 but you can play in a smaller group, or a larger group if multiple people gather around the same device, or on your own if your puzzle-cracking skills are up to it!

what age is National Elf Service recommended for?

There’s no swearing, violence or other adult content on this sleigh. Some of the puzzles are quite challenging so we’d recommend having a group which includes some adults but we think that anyone aged 8+ can be a helping hand on the ride.

do I have to be really good with technology to play?

Absolutely not - National Elf Service will ask you to use various skills but no tech whizzkid credentials.

what happens if I buy a ticket?

You’ll be sent an email with the link to the game. You can forward this email to the other members of your team - you will all use the same link to log in at the time you agree among yourselves. 

do I have to play National Elf Service at a certain time?

No, whenever works for you.

does National Elf Service have a time limit?

No, take the time you need, and if you want to have a break to get another mince pie or glass of mulled wine, go ahead! 

do I need to use my link immediately?

No, you can login just before you play. If you have any problems, let us know -

can I buy National Elf Service for someone else as a gift?

Yes that sounds like a really nice idea. It’s up to you whether you use your own email to receive the ticket and then forward to the other person, or you can put their email address in so that they receive all the details directly (but that might ruin the surprise!)

CREATED BY Dan Barnard, Rachel Briscoe, Joe McAlister & Delme Thomas | ADDITIONAL IDEA DEVELOPMENT Al Primrose | CAST Michael Blair, Clare Dunn, Zachary Hing, Endy Mackay, Delme Thomas | SOUND DESIGN Helen Skiera | ILLUSTRATION Mr G Johnson | PUBLICITY DESIGN Guy J Sanders